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    Not sure what the guidelines are elswhere, but our Endo always requested the three std tests:
    FT4 – as the primary guide for dosage adjustment.
    FT3 – to monitor as a secondary guide to dose adjustment, primarily if it was not trending in the same manner as FT4, which my partners didn’t until the latter part of treatment.
    & TSH – to determine when the Pituitary gland had resumed TSH production, indicating that it was likely clear of TSH antibodies.

    We would have liked more routine testing of the TSH receptor antibodies, but our Endo did not feel that it would have yielded any valuable information, but she did let us get them tested occassionally.

    Good to see you are getting treatment and your numbers look like they are improving, sounds like you’re body is dealing relatively well with the Hyperthyroid symptoms and hope it all continues in a positive direction for you.