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    I’m still on the 4th week of treatment and finally feeling a little bit of a change. I’m still very tired and with symptoms but thank God I don’t feel like I’m dying anymore. At the beginning, one month ago, when it all started and I had to go to the ER with tachycardia, I was worried I was dying. After that, after not sleeping for two weeks, I was worried I wasn’t dying soon enough. I wanted to cry so badly and at times I would cry a little here and there when I was alone but most of the time I tried to keep it in. I probably should have cried my heart out but I didn’t want to worry my poor husband and my parents even more. One day my sister called me and I was crying. I was alone in the house and had just received a call from the Dr. The Dr. wasn’t being helpful at all and I broke down and cried (since then I have gotten a new Dr.). I answered the phone and it was my sister on the other end. I couldn’t stop crying. It worried her. I told her “I’m OK” and hung up and called her right back after a few minutes.

    It is very normal. We are going through so so much. We are tired and not feeling well. We have our families to think of and we have responsibilities that even if we are sick, will not come to an stop while we get better. People depend on us and some times things happen that just add up to our frustration. I’m sorry all that stuff happened on Friday. The heat sure is not helping. I went out today and it made me sweat a lot more than I’m already sweating. It was so embarrassing. Hang in there.

    Being sick and coping is hard. I’m thinking about getting acupuncture to see if that helps me relax some. Are you doing anything for yourself to help you cope? I some times watch a movie to help me forget. It helps me. I also come to the forum too and share my feelings because this group of new found friends are about the only ones who understand how we are feeling. We have to find ways to cope.

    Hope you feel a lot better soon.

    Caro :)