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    Oh yes; I have heard of the natural thyroid hormone and all except one endocrinologist is for it. The one that was for Armour, etc., has left my area back in 2011. The other endocrinologists say that it is not consistent and the dosages could vary from one batch to another. Plus they are not big on the “T3” thing as they do not want to potentially recreate a hyperthyroid condition. Of course in all my readings there is much controversy on this subject and yes many do feel better yet there may still be the risk of heart or bone problems if the dosing is not done correctly. In that book “The Thyroid Solution” by Ridha Arem, MD, they talk about people feeling better on T3 as far as depression and weight control yet to be very careful because they gave an example of a woman who did become hyperthyroid on an incorrect dosage of the T3 and then she had all kinds of mental issues; once off of it she was fine. I have no clue though what I will do as after almost 3 months post RAI I am not hypothyroid just yet so with all my allergies I hope that I take to Synthroid and covert the T4 correctly to T3 yet I talk to many who do swear by Armour or other natural thyroid hormone; time will tell and I have regular doctors who would give me Armour if I wanted it yet I was also warned.