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    Kimberly wrote:
    However, ironically, that same guidance document recommends that patients in Europe have a 50-60% chance of remission after 5-6 years on the ATDs.

    This is very interesting. 50-60%? So 12-18 months could very likely be less. I wonder if longer than 6 years increases the %s. I’m thinking 50-60% is not much. It seems to be 10% per year on Rx … ???

    Kimberly wrote:
    The doctors I’ve spoken to who are opposed to long-term use of ATDs believe that the more serious side effects can happen at any time and any dose, although they are *much* more likely at high doses and also early in the treatment process.

    That is the one thing I dislike about my situation, I’m at a high dose with 30mg/day.

    Kimberly wrote:
    Every patient starts from a different level and responds differently to the meds. I started on a dose of 15/mg of methimazole per day, and the doc cut that in half when I went borderline hypO after just a few weeks. Your mileage may vary!

    I see, yours was 1/2 of mine and you started to slow down in a few weeks. I’m so hoping my #s are lower next time so that I can move down on the dose. It seems that a lot of people are started at a lower dose than mine :| I wonder how they go about deciding what dosage to give. I wonder if it just depends on the Dr or are there certain signs/symptoms they are looking for besides TSH, fT3, fT4.

    Thank you for all your help. It helps reading other’s experiences. I’m glad things are working good for you. You are already into 5 years, I believe, so I hope pretty soon you enter remission.

    Caro :)