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    Thank for recommending this link. I saw it in another post. I wasn’t here yet when it was originally posted so I missed it but I’ve been looking for information on this subject. I too I’m very interested in this topic. I see my Endo in a week and a 1/2 and I’ll be on my 7th week of treatment with Methimazole then at 30mg/day. I’m hoping that my # are low enough for him to recommend a lower dose. The Endo that I was seeing at first put me on the 30mg/day on June 18th. I since then changed Endos but the old Endo wanted me to stop the Rx July 26. If I had stayed with him I would have already stopped it. We’ll see how things go at my appt. I’m scared the #s will not be low enough.

    Do you know exactly why the Drs prefer only 12-18 mths? Is it all b/c of the liver situation?

    When they started you on the Methimazole, did they start you at a large dose as they did me? How fast down the road did the Dr. lower it? Just curious.

    I’ll check out the other links you posted.

    Thank you!
    Caro :)