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Question: Would like to know more about X-ray therapy to reduce
swelling of the tissues. I had come across some info on the net
from Stanford about how 80-90% of their pts. treated with the
X-ray therapy had regression of their eye problems. And according
to that source since the X-ray actually kills the lycosomes,(those
white blood cells) that causes the tissues to swell that their pts.
don’t seem to have further problems? I can’t find it on the net
anymore but am curious, esp. since someone had mention that Barbara
Bush had it done. Why isn’t done more? That orbital decompression
sounds too scary. Also I am 36 and an RN who used to work critical
care. An endocrine M.D. once told me that there seemed to be a
high percentage of RN’s with Graves. Coincidence? One last question-
Any support groups in the Denver area?