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Hi Lisa!
As I said, I’m relatively new at this too but let me tell you, I checked out the
page last nite for the bulging eyes .. scared the tar out of me.
I was on the fence about the atomic cocktail but I called the Dr. today
to schedule it.
I had a horrible rash, started last year right after Thanksgiving. I went to
a dermatologist and they gave me some cream to put on it. They also put me on
a steroid burst that did nothing. I was in there week in and week out
to no avail. They did patch testing and sent me to a large medical center
about 50 miles from here for testing. They did more testing and found after
4 days I had a reaction to nickel.
Yea right! If I was alergic to nickel to the degree my body was covered
with the rash, it wouldn’t have taken 4 days to show up!!!
So back to the Dr. I went for another few months. Finally when he told
me to do things I thought were out and out stupid I changed Drs. I had
tried to get into this woman dermatologist before but she wasn’t
accepting any new patients. I guess the day I called I was so upset and
fortunately a caring sole answered the phone and that was the beginning.
I saw her ONCE and she said, its not a nickel reaction, she suspected
My endocronologist is a woman also, which helps I think. I was diagnosed
in June. She put me on Tapazol, 2 tablets a day. I was just in again after
being on the medication for 9 weeks. My stats have changed and now she
recommends the “atomic cocktail”.
I was debating about it but last nite I looked at Debbie’s (?) home page
and that did it for me.
I had some vision problems (things were badly focused) but never the double
vision many people have experienced. I consider myself awfully lucky.
I constantly craved salt and somedays it appeared I ate non stop. I did
put on some weight (which I definately didn’t need).
I’d like to hear from you via E-mail but not sure I want to put my
address on the net for the whole world.
Sadly, I’m pretty net at this NET Thing so I don’t know if there’s anyway
to do it.
Please stay in touch, I’m anxious to know how you’re doing.
I apologize for the long winded note, there’s just so much to say.
Take care.