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    Hi Reeta…Thanks for your response. Your story seems permeated with a sense of acceptance and grace…I was touched. The hope that this will be more managable once my levels come down, which it feels like they’re doing now. I’m pretty sluggish and tired, less tremors, but I still get hot all the time. I know I need an attitude adjustment with this, and I’m praying and striving for that. I’ve had so much trauma, pain and loss in the past few years, this feels like insult added to injury. I sometimes get on the depressed side. My eyes are bothering me the most. Do you have eye involvement? I’, 48 years old, living with a man this past 7 years here in redwood country. I broke my femur in a big way Christmas Eve
    “93, was in a wheel chair for most of ’94, had 3 surguries, then Ernie was hospitalized 1 year to the day later, again on Christmas Eve, with a bleeding ulcer which was very serious, but he’s doing fine now and I just got those bills paid. Then I lost my job at the hospital to downsizing, so I was forced to work the floors and I hurt my low back with all the lifting. The hospital couldn’t seem to find any modified work for me, so I found a new job working for the county Public Health Dept., as a public health nurse,,,a brand new nursing experience…I lasted 4 months and then I was diagnosed. I don’t mean to babble on so, but I thank you for caring