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    Hi! I was diagnosed with Graves Disease last year. My days have sometimes been, let’s say, interesting for a lack of a better word.
    I was intolerant to the cold, had tremors and a goiter which made it difficult to swallow. I took the radium and the
    goiter went away. I no longer fall asleep, and go into these tailspins with my emotions. I am still learning about the disease and
    I thank God everyday, that I am here! I take my synthroid daily, and yes I have truly gained some weight. I sold all my clothes and
    did what most women love to do, “went shopping.” I still have good days and bad ones, like everyone else. When the bad ones creep up,
    I venture out to the book store, order a Cafe Latte, listen to some jazz, and chill! I am married, and the mother of 4 children, a set
    of twins and not one, but two teenagers. My family and true friends help me but it all into perspective. I hope your treatment goes well
    for you, and just understand, you are truly not alone. May God bless you and keep you.