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    Dear Katie,
    So glad to hear from you! No, I do not have any children but coming from a large family myself I can appreciate yours.
    I will be 33 next month.
    I lived in California, Orange county, for 10 years but I now live in Florida. My boyfriend in Ca. couldn’t take it any more. Financially or emotionally. Now I am staying with my very understanding younger brother. I miss California. It is soooo hot and humid, especially with this lovely disease.
    I hope your appointment goes well. I am seeing my endocrinologist on Wed. and hope to get the atomic cocktail a.s.a.p. I refused to go back on the PTU so I hope he doesn’t give me a hard time. I hate that PTU.
    It is so great to have someone who can relate to my situation. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.