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    I was diagnosed with Graves disease after complications during an unrelated surgery on 6/26. My heart wouldn’t quite racing and the surgeon started backtracking and insisted that I have a test for thyroid. I had my first radiation treatment on 7/25. I’m scheduled for blood tests every 2 weeks to check to see if the radiation is doing what it’s supposed to. So far, the only thing that has happened, is that the weight loss (40 lbs. in 2 months) has stopped. That was the only good thing that I know of about this disease. I have tremors, my heart still races, and I feel tired all of the time. Sometimes I feel like my insides are all jumbled up inside. It’s hard to explain this to someone else who isn’t experiencing the same problems. Unless they can see a big gaping wound, they don’t think there is anything wrong. I am working, but somedays it’s really hard to get up and come in when I don’t feel good. I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who might be having some of the same problems.