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    Thanks for sharing your experience, Rachel. Yes, our treatments were a day apart. They’re thinking already of a second dose? My endocrinologist told me he hadn’t expected much improvement until now, but that in the next six weeks there should be. He wrote my employer a statement saying that my exercise tolerance, endurance, and energy level are significantly impaired, and that he would expect I may well have difficulty completing my job duties until the condition is corrected in six months to a year. He didn’t suggest that I should be off work. My employer doesn’t normally tolerate living bodies missing work. Since I appear fairly normal, my supervisors and co-workers behave with skepticism when I express difficulty doing my job. There is an outward attempt to accomodate my shortcomings, but certainly no attitude of understanding or sympathy from anyone; even from my family. Again, I think it is because I don’t “look” impaired. I appreciate your understanding, Rachel, and I can certainly give you mine. Keep me posted how you are doing.