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    Thanks for the response. Its good to know I’m not
    the only one out there (I was beginning to worry)!
    You said you were diagnosed 3 years (?) ago? Its
    been almost a year since the rash started. It never
    totally clears up but has its good and bad times.
    I’ve been using kenalog cream/ointment with pretty
    good results. Some of the things you can’t use for
    extended periods of time (more than 2 weeks). My
    first dermatologist didn’t tell me that though. The
    second one did and the endocronologist. I’m due to
    go in on the 30th. I don’t feel sick though. All
    the literature they give me tells me a few weeks
    after starting the Tapazol you should feel better,
    my initial complaint is still the rash although they
    tell me my blood counts are WAY WAY out of wack.
    Keep in touch!