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Hi, I was diagnoised in March 96 with graves. It’s really
sucked since then. I have done the radioactive iodine
and I am now taking a synthetic hormone called
levothroid. I’ve been taking it since June. I feel really
tired a drug out now, and I have gained alot of weight
I contacted my doctor last month ( July) and told him
how I felt. He checked my blood and said my levels
are within normal limits.??? I am contacting another
doctor for a second opinion just so know that I’m doing
everything I can for my health. I noticed that alot of
diet pills can’t be used by us. I was also told that it
might take 12 weeks or more for this med, I’m taking
( levothroid )to work is that true? I live in Bakersfield , Ca. and
I don’t know anyone who can relate to this stuff, I am
sure glad I found this spot!!!!!!!! Thanks Gail.