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    I’m not sure if there’s a cure. I’m new in this
    ball park. I was just diagnosed the end of June.
    I have another appointment on Aug. 30. I’ll know
    more then.
    They keep saying after 8-10 weeks on the Tapazol,
    I’ll feel better, but I was never sick. It all
    started with this stupid rash. We went the whole
    rehlm of testing. First they thought it was my dog,
    then our hot tub, and finally my dermatologist sent
    me to a Major Medical Center (Hershey, PA) to a
    dermatology lab for testing. The guy there is a
    world-renowned specialist in the field. BUNK!!!
    After five days of testing, the only thing they
    could come up with was a sensitivity for nickel.
    So I switch dermatologists and immediately she said
    it was not a nickel rash, she thought it was my
    thyroid. My blood counts were so far out of wack,
    I’m anxious to see what they are now after being on
    the medication. They insisted I had to be sick.
    The only symptom I had that I could see other than
    the horrible rash was I was super irritable. Bless
    my husband and my son for their patience! I don’t know
    if that irritability was part of the disease or just
    the stress of the rash and the long ordeal (it started
    last November).
    Plese stay in touch and let me know how your sister
    is progressing.