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    Hi Rachel!
    I’m new at this too. I too was diagnosed in June.
    I have an appointment on the 30th of this Month.
    I don’t have any eye involvement at this time but I
    do have vision problems. From what I hear most people
    experience double vision but that’s not the case
    with me. I have difficulty reading which scares me
    I am working full-time currently and hopefully I
    will remain doing so. I know I’m fortunate from
    many people I’ve talked to. I hope it doesn’t get
    worse but I don’t know. I have many questions to
    ask when I go in next week.
    I understand there’s a CHAT room opening up soon
    for Graves Disease which I think will help a lot.
    I know I would like to talk to others with the same
    problem. Its scary.
    I know they say after I’ve been on the medication
    for about 10 weeks I should feel better, but I don’t
    know that I ever really felt sick. It scares me to think
    that I may be sick. I do tire easily and my
    emotions were on a roller coaster too. I’m thankful for
    my patient husband and son.
    My doctor put me on Zoloft for the emotions and it really
    helps. Its also not one of those antidepressents
    that puts you in la-la land.
    I’m also on Tapazol for the Graves Disease. I’ll
    be anxious to see what my blood work shows. I have to go
    today for the bloodwork so they have the results
    by the end of next week. Modern technology is so slow
    Keep in touch, good luck. OK?
    PS I’m new on the internet too and was very glad
    when I found this BBS.