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    The irritability is DEFINITELY a part of the disease. It’s a symptom I keep seeing come up over and over again. I’m glad I found that out about my sister. She’s sometimes like a time bomb. She has some added stress in her life right now in addition to Graves because of a recent death in the family. I’ve never seen her this close to the edge though, even when our Father died two years ago. She too had a lot of mis-diagnosis of the rash, including being told she had lymphoma – that sure added some stress. One dermatologist told her it was a fungus and of course she had all the allergy testing and was allergic to everything. The Graves’ diagnosis is the first that encompasses all of the symptoms she has and a few she hadn’t connected to illness – like the irritability. She also got tremors in her extremities, heat intolerance, hair loss. The only major symptom she hasn’t displayed is the eye bulge. Keep in touch and I’ll pass on comments to her.