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    Hi Joann
    PTU is short for Propulthiouracil!! That is supposed to stabilize the thyroid. I’m supposed to be on it for at least a year. I’m doing well on it so far, my level are cut in half.
    But the weight is still a very sore issue. I have put on 20 pounds since January. I went from 110 lbs to 130 lbs!!! It’s pretty depressing as none of my clothes fit. People tell me I look fine and that I needed to put on a few pounds anyway. I exercise everyday so it’s not a lack of activity. Maybe when I become fully stabilized I’ll lose some of the weight, but my doctor told me not to expect to go back down to the size I was.
    What meds are you on? I haven’t heard of anyone being on PTU!!
    Please respond!!!