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            Been there done that! This must be some new record! I
    answered your mail in 10 min. I have had 12 eye
    surgeries for Graves. Orbital decompressions on both
    eyes strabismus, lid retractions Etc Etc. We do
    bot have a Support Group in MN but… Send a self
    addressed stamped envelope to the National Graves
    Disease Foundation/I at 2 Tsitsi Court, Brevard
    NC 28712 and we will be a info packet out to you.
    I just started a support group in Melbourne FL.
    Send me an e-mail or give me a call at 407-254-9719.
    We will talk. Or call Dr. Nance Patterson at the
    Graves foundation. She also has Graves and is a
    good egg. Nancy can be reached at 704-877-5251.
    Jake George