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Hi Debbie
Please tell me more. What were your symptoms at the
onset of your diagnosis? Did it progress rapidly or
how did it progress?
I was diagnosed in June of this year and quite honestly
some of the messages (yours especially) scare the tar
out of me.
I don’t know what lies ahead. I have a Dr’s apt.
the end of the month, I just had blood work done today
for that appointment.
I was never “sick” .. it all started with a nasty
rash (more like dry patchy skin) that spread over
my entire body with the exception of my face.
I was doctoring with a dermatologist for 8 months and
had been referred to a specialist in that field.
Their diagnosis was a sensitivity to nickel.
I changed Drs. after some of the things he told me
to do made no sense. The 2nd Dr. told me from day
1 it was Thyroid. She was right. The rest is history.
I’ve been on Tapazol since June.
I think the worst at this point has been the emotional
roller coaster I’ve been on although I do have vision problems.
Some days I can’t read anything from time to time.
I guess I wonder if I’m headed for major problems
down the road. I don’t have the double vision many
people experience but I’m scared of what may lie ahead.
Please, tell me all about your symptoms and progress to where you
are now.
Best of luck to you, thanks for being there. Nice to know
there are others in the same boat.