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    Hi Barney! I had orbital decompression done in 1993. It was the best decision that I could have made. The swelling behind my eyes had gradually increased since my diagnosis in 1990, and I felt like it was the only alternative. I was comfortable with the decision, and I felt that I was in the best hands – even Barbara Bush went to Mayo Clinic for her treatments.
    See Jake’s message from 8-23-96 regarding orbital decompression. He gives an accurate account of the basic procedure. Also, the National Graves’ Disease Foundation has a good bulletin on orbital decompression and other eye surgeries. Call 1-704-877-5251 for information. Mayo Clinic has info on their website at:
    I was in the hospital overnight after the surgery. My face was swollen and I had to wear gauze under my nose for a few days because of the drainage, but my eyes looked half their size! I actually looked almost normal again! It took a few weeks for the swelling to go down. My face was numb in the sinus area because the doctors go in through the sinuses to get to the orbital cavities, my front teeth were numb, and I had slight double vision. But, six weeks later extraocular muscle surgery corrected the double vision. Six weeks after that lid retraction was done on both eyes to make them close more completely, get rid of the starey look, and give relief from the nighttime dryness. All of the surgeries were worth any discomfort and inconvenience! With experienced doctors and a positive attitude, they are a viable option!
    Best of luck! Keep us posted on how you’re doing.