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Hi all,
There may be some confussion about orbital decomression that needs some claification. I don’t belive I have
ever heard of an orbital decompression being done more than once. The surgery removes part of the eye socket and
allows the fatty tissue behind the eyes to recess into the sinus cavity. Results are immediate and in most cases
very dramatic. In my case my eyes recessed almost 3/4s of an inch. You do need additional surgeries after a
decompression since the eyes have gone back into your head. Eyelid surgery is in your future to adjust the lids to
them close better and you may need strabismus surgery for double vision. If you are a candidate for orbital
decompression consider it. If you have radiation the fatty tissue and eye muscles loose flexability and you may
still need to be decompressed at a latter date. If that is the case decompression doesn’t work as well for people
who have had radiation as opposed to those who have not. I just talked this over with my eye surgion in Miami on
Wed of this week. If you have any questions please call me at 407-254-9719 and I will return your call collect.
I had the decompression last year and it is the best thing I have had done to help the Graves eye problems to date.
Jake George