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    Hi Barney…You live in my home town and have the benefit of access to UCLA and all their expertise…( if there is any such thing regarding the eye issues with this disease.) I now live in rural Northern California, where we don’t even have an endocrinologist in the area. My eyes are such pressure pits that I’d be very interested in whatever you find out about this proceedure. Maybe you could mail pamphletts or E-mail me the info. My address is P.O.Box 823, Blue Lake, Ca. 95525. I’ve been diagnosed since June, had 1 dose of radio active iodine and continue thyrotoxic levels with my labs. I finally see an endocrinologist from San Francisco, 9/27. Doing time now just waiting. Every morning my eyes are increasingly swollen and painful…It takes half a day for the excess fluid and edema to drain somewhat after a night’s rest. I want this to stop!