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    Hi Dianne,, I had this long typed response prepared to send, so I sent it and it got lost in space somewhere, so now I have to do this again and hope it reaches you. I got a chuckle out of your humouous approach to our bulging eyes and I’m in. I may not be anle to E-mail a photo to uou so It would have to be in the mail. Details, please on where you are, ok? Yes, I’ve seen an opthamologist since June, when I was diagnosed. My eyes just keep on “bugging” me daily, like the 1st half of every day…After awhile some of the puffiness a swelling drains down a bit. The only thing they’re telling me to do is lubricating eye drops and ointments at night. I still don’t have to tape my eyes shut at night, and I hope I never have to. Some of the eye stories are scary. Let me know how it goes at your eye appt. …and where in Idaho do you live? I appreciate your humor, girl…I NEED it! Thanks. I’ll stay in touch