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    Hi Rachel. . .yes, I too am extremely self-conscious about my eyes, and now that you mention it, I do avoid looking people in the eye. Fortunately, a couple of people have told me that my eyes are still beautiful. I’ve seen photos, and it astounds me! I wanna cry!
    I wouldn’t have thought of trying the sun to help my eyes. My eyelids are already puffy and swollen. . .have been for over a year, but I had been hit by a car on my bicycle and had multiple surgeries on my broken nose, so thought it was from that. I’m seeing an ophthalmologist this week, as my vision is not good. Have you been referred to one yet?
    I live in Idaho. My new idea is to collect pictures of peoples’ eyes (only) who want to be displayed on my homepage. I have a scanner, and can select only the eye area from photos. We can start a new standard of beauty! What do you think. . .would adding a little humor to a condition we can’t control help? Anyone interested? feel free to email me! Keep in touch, Rachel. . .we’ll get through this!