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    Hi everyone,
    Since there are so few people suffering with Graves this is a great way to discuss the complications. I was diagnosed when I was 12 and I had most of my thyroid removed when I was 16. I also had radio active iodine. My eyes are still very poppy, (i’m almost 40 now.) Sometimes they are poppier than usual;they seem to change. At 21 I had surgury on them. The corners of my eyes werecut then sewen back to make them appear to be less poppy. When I get in my rages my family tells me that my eyes get more poppier. Does anyone else find this? I was told by an opthamologist that my eyes could get so bad that they would be completly out of their sockets. This Ifind very scary. After my thyroid operation I became underactive and now I have to take elthyroxine every day. Although my doctor says I am on the right dose I don’t feel as good as I know I should. Any suggestions anyone?
    Thanks, Kathy