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    Dear Pamela,
    I was diagnosed July 25,1995. I took the radioactive iodine in January of this year and that is when my levels started going down. I believe it came back because 1 treatment doesn’t usually do the trick. I hope the one I have this week does otherwise I will need the surgery.
    My remission was a sign of hope. I was able to exercise, decrease my food intake and my eyes went down a little. Then, one day I started to exercise and I couldn’t do it. Then I knew it was back.
    I was on PTU and Inderal the first time. The PTU surpresses the thyroid levels and the Inderal is a betablocker. From everything I have read very few people get well from the medicine alone.
    Honestly, the radioactive iodine wasn’t that bad for me. I was bedridden the day after the treatment and my feet and hands peeled but besides from that it didn’t affect me that bad.
    Take care,
    P.S. Any pointers on how you stay positive would be greatly appreciated, especially for when I look in the mirror and don’t recognize who is looking back.