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    Thanks to all who responded to my RAI question. I met with the endo today and spent about an hour in his office discussing the choices that were left. PTU or RAI? His feeling was that with the way my levels returned after being off Tapazole for a week and the fact that I had an allergic reaction, that PTU wasn’t really a good option. It seems that my system is really cranked up and given my age and history, the hope for remission is not great. He felt that The RAI would solve the problem with the least possibility of complications. I have the weekend to think about it, but have pretty much decided to go with the RAI. It was not fun going through the allergic reaction to Tapazole and the possibility of remission is not great enough for me to want to take the risk with PTU. Will let you all know how I make out next week. Seems like three days of RAIU tests and then the dosage on Thursday. Thanks for the info and the support.