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    Denise: I think having any cosmetic surgery to correct the serious eye complications is a good idea. My concern is with orbital decompression. My daughter’s doctors would not consider it until her optic nerve was affected. Maybe they are wrong and having this type of surgery for cosmetic reasons is accepted. It didn’t “fix” all of her problems – only vision. I really don’t know — only what her doctors told her. She has had cosmetic surgery since the orbital decompression and is hoping for some more. I understand what you are going through even though I do not have graves. I wish I did instead of my 30 year old. She is a retail store manager who suffers through having teenagers come in and laugh, tell others to go see her, having friends think her husband did this to her, mothers who won’t let their small children near here, etc., etc., It’s painful for me to see her cry at the cruelty of others. I’m sorry if I upset you with my comments.