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    I had RAI 6 years ago, and later discovered that the other options had not been clearly explained to me (I didn’t know then that there was a chance of remission on the drug route). The doctor was horrible, and since then I’ve felt like the problems I’ve had — hair loss, eyes, never would have happened if I’d gone the drug route. I just felt so cheated that I didn’t get to make an informed decision. And you’re not in the best state of mind to make such huge decisions anyway. My sister went the drug route and has been in remission and hasn’t had any problems, so that’s reinforced my bad feelings. But, reading all of your experiences, I feel a little better about having done RAI. I was so afraid that it was really a bad choice and only I had chosen this route. I’m happy that so many of you feel it was the right choice for you. It makes me feel better. And the actual process was no big deal (if you call killing part of your body that!). I felt better soon, and did not feel any worse at any time. It’s a tough decision and I still wonder what I would have done, if I’d know all the facts. KarenG