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    Depending on the amount of radioactive iodine you are given, you have to be a little more careful. The biggest problem is samll children and small pets. The only thing I have ever heard of is two pet birds (who nestled to the owner’s necks) died. To be on the safe side, let the other partner read the bedtime stories, give the baths, etc. for perhaps two nights. Long ago, people were hospitalized, and the room sealed off. That was for very high levels of radiation, typically for cancer. My endocrinologist used to simply hand the RAI to his patients, while others are more like the story of the lead-lined room with technicians trying to run out as soon as possible. They are exposed to muchmore radiation that the occassional RAI patient. I had nine appointments the day I had mine, left at lunch, drove over to the hospital, and was back for my next appointment. I has clinically hypo within two weeks, but they “simply” put me on levothyroxine, and things continued to roll along. They have been trying to fine-tune for a long time, but everyone on my team works together, and they allow me to be the captain. Good luck.