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    For Kathy & Debbie Harris…I, too, appreciate this outlet for collecting other’s experiences with this disease, and to receive the validation of all these crazy things attributable to our chemistries, it’s sort of a relief. I also was wondering, as was another person afflicted with this….What about libido? Mine vanished prior to knowlege of my diagnosis, and Iseem to have lost that old pzaz. I know it’s a personal question, but after all it’s the ’90’s, so women, what do you say? What do the doctors say about this? I take aan antidepressant called deseryl (aka: trazodone) primarily for sleep. But I’ve also heard of utilizing paxill, another antidepressant, with a low dose valium
    I’m still afraid of getting more overweight during the hypo adjusting phase. Does this seem to happen to everyone? I wonder how long I’ve been running around with this…? Till next time..We will get past this in time.