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    Dear Richard,
    I live in Germany and have been diagonsed with Graves more than 3 years
    ago. I was treated with Thyroid blockers the first time and my TSH
    (Thyroid Stimulating Hormones) where back to normal after 1.5 years.
    I was doing fine for more than a year, when everything started again.
    I went again to the endocrinologist to take the same medicine again.
    I was kind of angry with the regular school medicine for not having tried
    anything in this year of my remission to keep me from getting sick
    again. So this time I went for hemeopathic treatment. It is not junk,
    but you have to be careful to end up with a doctor who knows what he
    can do and what not. I am momentarily being treated with the right
    medicine to block my thyroid (and not to kill it) and on top of that
    try the alternative medicine to perhaps help my body (and my mind) to
    get through this more quickly. I am also very much afraid of “loosing”
    my thyroid, I refuse radioactive treatment and operation. In Germany,
    and it might be the same in England, they don’t do this kind of treatment
    on young people, and almost never on young women (who want to have children).
    I can understand your girlfriends fears – but tell her hemeopathic
    treatment should only be half of the treatment she goes for. You should
    be supportive of her in that respect, a hemeophathic doctor is not
    plazebo, but he is not only good for the body but takes more time to look
    at body and mind, something that can ease the turmoil of Graves disease
    quite a bit. If your girlfried wants to, she can talk to me via e-mail
    and I can tell her more about my experiences.