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    Hi all! I know that I can’t blame all my depression on my thyroid
    problems, but I would like to report a positive development
    that I have achieved since being empowered by this message board. When I first wrote in, I did not even know thst
    depression was related to low thyroid. I have suffered depression for five
    years and just assumed it was an unfortunate proplem I had.
    My endo told me that my depression
    was not related to my Graves disease. I finally went to a psychiatrist
    who assures me that the two are closely related. She helped me out by contacting my endo and asking him
    to stabilize my synthroid dose. My levels have always stayed low,
    but within normal. Sometimes the TSH would be up a bit
    but he said that was no problem. Anyway, the endo grudgingly agreed to increase my synthroid
    after I all but begged him to try it. It may be purely psychological, but I am feeling less
    depressed than I have in many years. Part of it may be the caring attitude of the psychiatrist
    as well as the support I have received here. I hope and pray this is a real improvement and it will last.
    Anyone else had similar experience with synthroid levels?