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I just found this support group yesterday and have just finished reading all the
postings. Here’s my story in a nut shell. I was misdiagnosed six years ago by the
military. They told me I had anxiety/panic disorder. I’m sure this sounds very
familiar to some. I was diagnosed with Graves in January with the followins
symptoms: heat tolorence, paplitations, tremors, emotional rollercoaster, frequent
bowel movements, etc. I do not have any problems with my eyes, which after
reading above, I feel blessed. I had my cocktail in May (15m) and my levels are
still a bit high. My doctor will see me in another three months to check my level
again. I still have symptoms like heat tolerence, frequent bowel movements, and
weight gain (I’ve gained 50 pounds in the last 8 months). What I’m confused about
after reading the above is: will I have problems with my eyes in the future and what
can I expect from hear on. Any help is appreiciated. Thank you, Pauline