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    Graves seems to affect everyone differently. I suffered for a long time (almost 2-3 years) before I was diagnosed. I had bouts of depression and emotional unstability (crying fits mainly), some hair loss, skin rashes, rapid heart rates (resting pulse was 130) and weight fluctuations. I had minor eye problems (dryness, red eyes, “gritty” feelings with my eyelids) but I have been fortunate not to have the “pop eyes” that many people experience. I started on PTU in May 1993 and was pregnant (to me and my husband’s grateful surprise) by July 1994. I then was fine until around March 1995 and my levels started going haywire again. In June 1995, I underwent RAI treatment, which was no big deal. I had an extremely low dose and now my levels are 98% normal. Good news is that I am pregnant again, conceiving the first month we attempted! In short, Graves was, in the past a big problem, but now that my levels are okay, life is great! It’s nice to be the person I once was before getting sick. Hang in there–there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Your daughter is in my prayers.
    Regards, Jennifer