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    Hi Pam.
    Interesting set of questions about hormones. I forgot to say that along with complete thrroid tests & hair & blood tests, my chelation doc also was suspicous about hormones. I have about 0 progesterone, & low amounts of DHEA, with other hormones playing at being normal. I wonder if is cause, result, or significantly related. He recommended a cream for the progesterone & a low level of DHEA suppelments. I had a second mineral IV treatment earlier this evening. So far, more improvement in muscle pain, almost none now. Oh, but I did get an unexpected good bit of info: my cholesteral hdl & ldh & ratios are excellent. (I was always borderline high. Up to now I attributed it to changing to eating more veggies, & raw veggies. Now I wonder is it to do with the progress of Graves.)
    I feel better in general, but too soon to think that Graves has changed.

    Perhaps the imbalance of the hormones contributes to the suseptability to develope Graves. I understand abt the stress, & in my case, my ugly marriage ended at about the same time mom had a major stroke, added to diabetes & parkinsons. I’d been caring for her for a year prior, as well as now, & of course working. Not much different of a story from a lot of others, from what I’ve gleaned here on this board. Karen