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    Hi Michele!

    That’s probably true that they can’t do anything just yet. If the eyes get too bad they can put you on Prednisone (a corticoid steroid). It really worked for me but there are side affects to it. They can also do “Orbital Irradiation”, which I had, to stabilize it.

    They do think its an auto-immune disease attacking the muscles of the eyes, similar to rheumatoid, etc. Some think it may be triggered by a virus.

    I have done acupuncture, kinesiology, different herbal regimes, and self-hypnosis with some help but it got too expensive at times. I love acupuncture! My body just says “ahhhh” when they put the needles in and relaxes. Like a good drug.

    Your job now is just to learn as much as you can and hang in there for the duration! It may take lots of support from those closest to you. Be sure and ask for it!

    Best wishes! Bruce