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    Michel- Like you, I have just the Grave’s eye disease with no thyroid problems(Euthyroid Opthalmopathy). You really need to find a Opthalmologist that is familiar with Grave’s who will measure your eye proptosis with an instrument called a “Hertel” and also watch for secondary Glaucoma that can come with the disease. Hopefully he (or she) would know a good endocrinologist you can also see. The main thing is that no matter what the treatment, they can keep track of your eyes for improvement or deterioration. Changes can be so slow that it’s hard to notice.

    I tried just about all the alternative treatments and had some luck with acupunture, but it had to be along with the “normal” medical treatments as I was rapidly losing my sight.

    I I just recently had a doctor (not even an endo) ask me if I had any mental trauma, etc before the Grave’s came on so they are starting to learn.

    Please feel free to email me and I can give you more info on what treatments I’ve gone thru in the past few years.

    Patience is the word here Michele! There is no quick cure for this and time can help. Don’t rush into anything like surgery without several professional opinions.

    Best wishes, Bruce