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    I have been diagnosed, six months ago, with the “beginning” stages of Graves Disease. After blood tests revealed a normal reading it was determined that I had and still have as far as doctors can tell me the eye form of the disease. Namely swelling behind the eye. After having gone to at least 6 doctors now I am totally frustrated at their inability to give me solid answers on treating the disease and not just the symptoms. I also believe this disease like most is brought out by STRESS! I am further frustrated by virtually every doctors refusal to acknowledge the part stress plays in this disease. After all my research through books and the medical sources on the Internet, including this message board, I am convinced beyond a doubt that stress is a major factor. Personally I know the stress I have endured over the last 3-5 years of my life and its a miracle that I don’t have the disease in its worse form. Sorry to ramble on but I wanted to acknowledge someone else who feels as I do that stress plays a major role in this disease. I am currently researching both better traditional medical help and alternative methods. Please let me know if you or anyone on this board hears of anything helpful in the way of alternative treatments to this frustrating disease. I had one doctor actually tell me my eye disorder was “just cosmetic”. This was after I complained of not only pain and pressure from the swelling but blurred vision. Anyway sorry for the long message. If I find any helpful alternative methods and/or resources I will share them on this bulletin board. Frankly I am both frustrated and disgusted with the medical help and treatment I have received so far. Thanks for listening and providing a place to post.