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Thanks for the info. I will have to try to contact them in Pittsburgh
for information and find out when they’re meeting.

This bulletin board has been such a help. I was just diagnosed in June
and in July we got the internet access on our computer. I’m in here all
the time!

Can’t wait for the chat room.

I hooked into that thing with Annette to receive e-mail through her without
putting my e-mail address on the internet but I think you can get it.

Please e-mail me with any information. I’m so hungry for information.
I had the I131 treatment this past monday and I wish I had known more before
hand, why don’t the Drs. tell you things?

I have a super endo and she said they don’t tell you everything because
there are many people out there who would have EVERY side effect possible.
I guess I can understand that but geeezzzeee .. I never expected to be
so tired or have such an upset stomach!!! This is worse than morning
sickness :) !