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    Well everyone, it’s now officially known now (tho’ I’m sure many of you out there already “knew” by the way I’ve been acting lately) I moved out of the hyper phase and into the hypo phase, probably some time ago, but since my Doctor hasn’t seemed to care to follow me more closely, I suspect I went into this funk around the 3rd week of August. So, my labs are: TSH 10.26, T4 2.9, free thyroxine index 2.5, thyroid uptake 1.13. So, I call my local doctor, and I call, and I call…several voice-mail efforts, and finally I get the doctor’s irritated nurse who thinks I should wait to see the endo in a week. We get into it because I don’t want to delay treatment, she gets more bitchy, then I spell it out , I’m unhappy with the lack of communication and caring follow-up. I’m disgusted with a practice that changes doses on meds but never notifies the patient, I tell her it seems we can’t work together in sync, but I answer the question, YES, I want to be prescribed the appropriate medication for my currant status. Then Dr. Miller himself calls me with an attitude immediately suggesting I may want another doctor, rather than responding with any sympathy or kindness, I feel even less cared for, but I haggled it thru with him long enough to get started on synthroid 100mcg per day…Yippee! Another step…hopefully one that will lead me out of this depression which is only exacerbated rather than allieviated when dealing with the medical practitioners I currently have. What a fight of a day it’s been just to be taken care of properly. I wil be changing local physicians, I’m sure. I had a nice talk with Nancy Patterson who gave me a morale boost along with some humor and empathy and validation fro my feelings. Why is this so hard for male MD’s to express? I was so frustrated, but I got what I needed. I just wish they wouldn’t put the patient with Grave’s or any serious illness thru this humiliating torture heaped upon torture. It’s enough to drive you over the edge even more. Anyway, Dianne, Joann, Jake, Lisa, Pam, all of you special people out there…Thanks fro your support during this difficult time I’m having. I’ve got the house to myself for the weekend and I intend to some serious relaxing. Till next time.

    Love, Rachel