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    I just got the results of my last blood test and officially found out (I already guessed as much) that my throid is still over active. The doctor, a primary care provider, wants to wait another month, do another blood test, and then go from there. Where?? So far, since I had the radiation capsule in July, the only thing that it accomplished was to get the weight loss (a good benefit) to stop and the pulse to lower somewhat. Now, no matter how I diet and exercise, I gain weight. The doctor’s answer is that we’ll work on that later, don’t worry about it!! Easy for him to say, he’s skinny He’s not the one with the tremors, headaches, emotions, etc. all running amuck. From everything that I’ve read, I don’t think that we will ever be cured, only that the disease will be more manageable. I think I was happier not knowing what was happening. Now I sit and wait, he said not to get “stressed out” as that seems to aggravate the problem (might even have been a part of the cause). Anyway, sorry for rambling. I’m just a little disappointed that there is no “fix” for this disease, and I’m having a “good” day. Thanks for the outlet. I read all of the responses and it really does help to know that there are others out there going through some of the same things and that I’m not alone. Thanks again, Becky.