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    I’m glad to get responses from others like yourself that are interested in exploring alternative methods. I think I mentioned this before but the traditional methods sound scary! Additionally the traditional doctors I have been to; an opthamologist, an endocrinologist, and three other eye specialists have all told me there is nothing they can do for me right now since I am euthyroid. This means I have eye symptoms (terrible swelling, eye sensitivity, and double vision in one eye) but my thyroid readings are still in the normal range. Therefore there isn’t any medication they can give me, nor will they recommend any eye surgeries since they tell me it get worse. From what I understand most doctors recommend waiting two years after diagnosis to see how bad the eye condition will get before operating. Yes this makes sense but in the meantime my eye condition gets worse and I am now fearing that it will lead to full fledged hyperthyroidism. This is the main reason I am searching for alternative methods. I really want to take some preventative and proactive steps. I am just beginning to locate alternative doctors in my area. I’ll let you and others know how it goes. In the meantime I visit this site frequently to learn as much as possible from others like yourself that are experiencing similar conditions. Yes I have also learned through research and doctors that this is a disease with genetic factors. My mother suffers from some sort of chronic arthritic condition that also appears to be some sort of autoimmune disorder. I have especially found the postings discussing the endocrine system interesting. I have also read on this board and elsewhere that hormonal imbalances are part of this disease. Another interesting factors seems to be the connection to an overproduction of the fight or flight body response. One eye doctor told me that this disease has been linked to an overproduction of epinephrine caused by thyroid imbalance. This explains the anxiety that is a one of symtoms; for me along with the eye swelling it has been a major symptom. Your comment about radishes was interesting; dietary changes seem to be the first and easiest step to take along with better stress management; i.e., meditation, lifestyle changes. It’s hard to do but when our stressful lives start taking their toll on our health it must be done. Anyway I truly believe that all illnesses are caused by different stresses in our lives; environmental and lifestyle, and certainly hereditary factors. Anyway, so sorry to ramble but I wanted to answer your post and let you know I’ll pass on any helpful info I learn. Frankly, I had to take a break from it also and try to focus on positive sides of my life. Thanks for your words of advice.
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