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    I wish you luck in your search for alternative methods, ie, homeopath treatments to this disease. I have been researching this myself for some 8 months now due to a recent diagnosis. Let us know if you have success since the traditional methods are quite drastic and scary. I don’t know about you but I really don’t have too much faith in doctors that tell me there is nothing I can do to prevent this disease from getting worse, it has to run its course. Nor do I look forward to radiation treatments that would destroy my thyroid and force me to take synthetic thyroid medication for the rest of my life! Additionally these same doctors tell me they don’t know what causes this disease or how to prevent it from getting worse; hence their “wait and see how bad it gets” attitude before they will operate. They also can not support the notion that this disease is brought out by STRESS. In short, if you learn about any valuable alternative methods please pass them on. Desperatey searching for answers. Thanks,