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    Thanks to following Jake’s good advice and Rachel’s wonderful example and being assertive with my endo’s office, I started on 0.1 mg Synthroid today! I’ve felt so very awful, and though I understand it will be at least several weeks before this helps much, it really lifts my spirits to know help is on the way.

    I wasn’t scheduled to see my endo until NEXT week, but I was feeling awful LAST week, so parked in his office until he finally let me in. He ordered labs, and said he was to be gone this week, but his partner would start me on replacement if labs indicated the need. I called Monday. . .they said labs weren’t back. I called Tuesday. . .they didn’t return my call as promised. I called today. . .they told me to wait until my endo returned, since it was so close. I told them I was feeling awful and wanted something done TODAY if labs indicated the need. When the nurse questioned that, I told her I was having difficulty at work because of muscle weakness and difficulty with mental focus, among other things. She agreed to talk to her busy boss. She called back shortly, asking where to call in the prescription!

    Thanks for sharing more discussion on eye problems, Jake and Bruce. Looking forward to talking to everyone in the chat room!!