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Thank you Jake for responding. I have already received the info from the
NGDF. I do read the messages almost every day although I usually don’t
put out alot input. I’m glad that this support is here. I’ll tell you
a little about myself. I am 36 years old, a R.N., married with three girls
ages :6, 4, 18 mths, and expecting another daughter in Nov. I was diagnosed
with Graves August 1993 after years of being told that my symptoms were
normal for a woman and that it was “all in my head”.One male MD actually
told me to go home and drink a bottle of wine and “make my husband happy”
Finally a women MD diagnosed me right away. I was also diagnosed by the
military. I was on Tapazole for two weeks before breaking out in hives.
Then I took 10 mils of RAI Sept. 1993. I got worse before getting better.
My labs became elevated; the doctors said that was normal. That as my
thyroid gland was being destroyed it was releasing more of the hormones.
I was briefly put on PTU. Inderal was my friend. I liked the way it helped
me feel calm. Now like most of you my eyes are what drives me crazy.
They hurt alot. I will not let people take my picture unless I’m wearing
sunglasses. Vain, I know. I had that lateral tarsorrhaphy you had mentioned
in a previous note , about a year ago. My right eye is ok, but the left
eye the adhesion did not hold. So I had it redone, but the adhesion still
stretched some and it didn’t seal at the very outer edge. Now that eye
has a steady stream of tears from it that drives me nuts. I just want my
eyes to go back to normal, is that really to much to ask? Thanks for
letting me vent. Give my husband a break from all of my griping.