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    No Bruce, my ophthalmologist hasn’t tried prednisone, and from what you said I am glad. Does it help, at least? Was the weight fat, or fluid? I have puffed up 10 pounds in the last week even without it! I don’t know if this is all fluid, or if some of it is because of low thyroid levels. This is the first time the diuretic hasn’t relieved it. I’m eating lightly. ( Hopefully I’ll start on thyroid replacement tomorrow, or I’ll have to buy new clothes!) Has anyone else experienced that when hypo?

    I see the ophth. again mid-October so he can measure these babies again to determine if they’re changing. BTW, there’s been a major update to my homepage, if anyone is interested. . . I’m still looking for more people to share their eyes and add their Graves’ stories to my page.