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    Hi Marcia,
    I was diagnosed the latter part of 1994 but had been having symptoms for
    several months, if not longer. Anyway I was started on Synthroid in
    March ’95 and have had my dosage bounced back and forth eversince. I
    have moved twice since then so my doctors have changed but so far they
    have been satisfied to have me “somewhere” in the normal range, no matter
    how crummy I feel or what symptoms I am having. I finally saw an endo.
    for the first time in a year and he now thinks I am hyper again, I think
    the trembling hands gave me away. He wants me to alternate doses of .175
    and .15mg every other day, a real test of my mental abilities which have
    been lacking since this whole thing began. He has promised to test some
    of my other hormones when my current labs return. I am curious if you or
    anyone else had changes in other blood levels or new symptoms requiring
    other supplements besides Synthroid. I am searching for answers because
    I am tired of feeling like a guinea pig.
    Please share any revelations you find, I don’t seem to have much luck with
    the doctors so far.
    Good Luck, Hope you are feeling much better soon!!!
    Just another fellow on the SeaSaw – JulieT.