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    Hi Daleth…As for the sweet tooth I really don’t know. I’ve always
    had a sweet tooth, and an everything else tooth too. I have never
    had to watch my weight, but now I can’t even look at food without
    gaining. This all makes me want to eat more and my doctor said I can’t
    start excercising yet. I lost a lot of my muscle tone during the
    past few months, and I cant wait to start working to get it back. Are
    you gaining weight? Do you know what you want to use for medication
    yet? My doctor gave me the option of PTU for a year or the RAI, but
    strongly suggested I try the PTU first. Sometimes I wish I took the
    other route just to have the wait over, but then I would never know
    weather I had a shot at remission. So what other symptoms do you have
    other than the heat intolorance? I had that it was awful! All summer
    long I suffered with it, I thought it was just extra hot. I had weight
    loss, trouble sleeping, tremors, and I was miserable. Tell me about
    yourself, married, children etc..???

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